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Circus Lido (New) - Game Of The Week
-Game Of The Week-

Circus Lido (New)

PC Engine Hu Card

Puzzle - £59.99

Control a green lizard who must eat insects and spit them out into plants in order to progress, hindered by the fact you can only use your tail to climb the...

Raiden IV (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Raiden IV (New)

XBox 360

Shoot Em Up - £109.99

Sharp, sleek 3D take on the well known shooter but intriguingly gameplay pays homage more to the older roots of the series rather than the later instalments...

Castlevania Circle of the Moon (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Castlevania Circle of the Moon (New)

GameBoy Advance

Platform - £119.99

Akumajo Dracula has always suited its 2D roots like one of its well-fitted, gothic, velvet gloves. The developers seem to revel in its parallax paradise and...

Shining Soul II (Value Selection) (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Shining Soul II (Value Selection) (New)

GameBoy Advance

RPG - £16.99

Absolutely beautiful sprite engine with pastel shaded world and cheery chip tunes making for a popular version. Plenty of help from Sega to guide players th...

Rockman Zero 4 (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Rockman Zero 4 (New)

GameBoy Advance

Platform - £41.99

In Genki's humble opinion the GBA architecture feels like a souped up version of the Super Famicom. Maybe that's why we feel so at home with its graphical s...

Rhythm Land (New) (Preorder Gift) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Rhythm Land (New) (Preorder Gift)

Mega Drive

Rhythm - £54.99

Famed for its Famicom revival, Columbus Circle turns its fair hand to the 16Bit circuit with impressive results. Based on a rhythm action premise, there are...

I Love Softball (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

I Love Softball (New)


Sports - £94.99

Oozes retro chic from every iota of the box and every byte of the programming of this all lady softball game. A cherished title for those fond of Eighties r...

Mickey Mouse Fantasia (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Mickey Mouse Fantasia (New)

Mega Drive

Platform - £39.99

Based on the Disney film with Mickey on a quest to gather the well-hidden musical notes from their well disguised positions. The adversaries provide a tough...

Under Defeat HD Limited Edition (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Under Defeat HD Limited Edition (New)


Shoot Em Up - £72.99

Conversion and handing over the torch from the Dreamcast to keep the world of shooters illuminated. Jaw dropping, smoothly animated visuals and attention to...

Get Bass 2 (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Get Bass 2 (New)


Sports - £39.99

Beautiful weather and water textures add to the natural healing that comes from cruising the lakes in the great outdoors, dropping a line every now and then...

Shenmue I&II (Limited Edition) (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Shenmue I&II (Limited Edition) (New)


Action - £54.99

The legend returns to the PS4 to bring joy to the many devotees who never lost hope of a revival of their flame for Ryo and his quest to avenge his fathers ...

Senko no Ronde Duo Limited Edition (New)  - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Senko no Ronde Duo Limited Edition (New)

XBox 360

Shooter - £29.99

Soups up the superb prequel with faster gameplay and plenty of bullet flowers that look like Ueno Park in spring after a few too make sakes. The dash featur...

Ketsui Extra Limited Edition - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Ketsui Extra Limited Edition

XBox 360

Shoot Em Up - £47.99

The long awaited 360 debut may have taken a extra year or two to appear, but is well worth the wait building on the boss rush DS version. Gamers of a certai...

Mamoru Kun Limited Edition (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Mamoru Kun Limited Edition (New)

XBox 360

Shoot Em Up - £69.99

The 360s arm gets another hardcore tattoo to its bicep with this shoot em up coded by ex Raiden developers and with character design by the Senko no Rondo g...

Final Blaster (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Final Blaster (New)

PC Engine Hu Card

Shoot Em Up - £87.99

Pilot the winged ship that can launch a fire phoenix attack and is also equipped with a smart bomb attack, but that loses all your power ups. Varied stages ...

Zekkyo Senshi Sakebrain (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Zekkyo Senshi Sakebrain (New)

Nintendo DS

Action - £15.99

Club Nintendo exclusive but the ghost memberships were well worth the effort when playing this wee belter. Strangely expansive for a give away title (well f...

Jet Set Radio Future Soundtrack (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Jet Set Radio Future Soundtrack (New)


Soundtrack - £29.99

Funky, fresh, fly-guy Hideki Naganuma shows off his talents in this cracking CD based on the X-Box incarnation. Perfectly suited to the gameplay, but equall...

Fighters History 2 (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Fighters History 2 (New)

Super Famicom

One on One Beat Em Up - £114.99

Fighters History boxed a brave battle for Street Fighter tributes with its Russian themed Karnov level and its Thai temple. Yet its clear the attention to d...

ThunderForce VI (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

ThunderForce VI (New)


Shoot Em Up - £74.99

At last the much vaunted sequel to the shooter held dearly to the pulsing fingers of many a shmup fan. As such it was always going to prove a controversial ...

Sega Ages Puyo Puyo 2 Perfect Set (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Sega Ages Puyo Puyo 2 Perfect Set (New)


Puzzle - £24.99

A host of new anime style characters to chuckle along with and do battle adding much to the enjoyment with thirty challengers each possessing a unique strat...

Space Channel 5 (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Space Channel 5 (New)


Rhythm - £79.99

Gyrate to the beat with the sexy Space Channel reporter Ulala. Just don't ask about the story! Unique feel to graphics, full of futuristic frolics....

Paranoia Scape - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Paranoia Scape


Action - £94.99

Up There with a certain title on the system that may have been popular with hippys in the 60's (we are on enough black lists as it is.) Real off-kilter game...

Guilty Gear (Reprint) (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Guilty Gear (Reprint) (New)


One on One Beat Em Up - £14.99

Superlatives fail to touch on the sheer brilliance of this 2D fighting game. A worthy rival to Street Fighter and Capcom, yet not quite as popular possibly ...

Wide Boy (New) - Hardware Of The Week
-Hardware Of The Week-

Wide Boy (New)

Nintendo Hardware

Accessory - £11.99

A very dapper attachment for the original GameBoy to magnify the size of the screen. ...

GameBoy Advance SP Naruto RPG Orange (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

GameBoy Advance SP Naruto RPG Orange (New)

Nintendo Hardware

Handheld - £369.99

Limited edition GameBoy Advance in the SP fold up modelling adorned with Naruto symbol and done in its bold and brash orange colour. Very smart piece of poc...

Famicom Super Famicom Mega Drive Twin (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Famicom Super Famicom Mega Drive Twin (New)

Miscellaneous Hardware

Console - £74.99

A clever, value hybrid console at a great entry price for starting an import collection. Utilises USB ports for the controller with an AV output, the consol...

Ascii Pad FT2 (Capcom Version) (No Manual or Box) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Ascii Pad FT2 (Capcom Version) (No Manual or Box)

Sony Hardware

Controller - £37.99

A very ergonomically snug pad for the PS2 taking inspiration from the elusive Saturn style that works a treat with beat em ups such as the many fighters its...

Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Nintendo Classic Mini Super Famicom (New)

Nintendo Hardware

Console - £109.99

Nintendo re-releases its Super Famicom in mini format with twenty one built in games including (and its hard to trim this list down!): Super Mario World, F-...

Neo Geo Mini Samurai Spirits Limited Edition (Haomaru) (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Neo Geo Mini Samurai Spirits Limited Edition (Haomaru) (New)

SNK Hardware

Handheld - £179.99

Clear system with two clear pads in the Samurai Spirits theme with Haomaru representing this version. Alongside the clear look with the bonus pads are six S...

Mega Drive Mini (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Mega Drive Mini (New)

Sega Hardware

Console - £99.99

Forty two 16 Bit games on one miniature console. This could have been traded for anything in the Nineties playground. Darius, Ghouls and Ghosts, Super Shino...

Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit (Smoke) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Dreamcast Visual Memory Unit (Smoke)

Sega Hardware

Memory Card - £24.99

The Dreamcast had some very smart memory units for it and their charm was added to by having the LCD screen to display data and also some fine, limited edit...

Hori Mini Pad 64 (Tropical Red) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Hori Mini Pad 64 (Tropical Red)

Nintendo Hardware

Controller - £44.99

One of the most cherished design of pads for the system which has really stood the test of time, such are its principled design plans and exceptional comfor...

Out Of Stock

Family Computer Disk System (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Family Computer Disk System (New)

Nintendo Hardware

Console - £199.99

The original version of the disk system as crafted by Nintendo and its early design flair is in more than evident. The system offered so much potential with...

Shooting Gameside Vol 5 (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Shooting Gameside Vol 5 (New)


Magazine - £19.99

A series tattooed on the hearts of many a shooter veteran and deserving of its accolades and attention on the Gameside podium. Also features Wild Guns, Koku...

Retro Bit Generations 2 (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Retro Bit Generations 2 (New)

Miscellaneous Hardware

Console - £69.99

Ten titles from Athena, a dozen from master baker Capcom and sixteen from Coconuts Japan make up the bulk of these forty two pieces of gaming history that c...

Playstation Classic (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Playstation Classic (New)

Sony Hardware

Console - £84.99

Twenty games from the transition from 2D to 3D gaming and plenty of happy Playstation memories. That said the superb shooters of Darius G and Gradius Gaiden...

Sega Saturn Bag (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Sega Saturn Bag (New)


Merchandise - £64.99

Hard to resist this two way bag that can be used as a shoulder bag or rucksack. Ideal for stashing goodies on a trip to a game show or perhaps to work as a ...

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