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Rolling Gunner Complete Edition (New) - Game Of The Week
-Game Of The Week-

Rolling Gunner Complete Edition (New)


Shoot Em Up - £74.99

Genki's bugbear with Rolling Gunner is the difficulty in taking in the stunning, stainless steel mega bosses and seamlessly scrolling backgrounds in this su...

Advanced Guardian Heroes (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Advanced Guardian Heroes (New)

GameBoy Advance

Action - £64.99

One of both Treasure's and the Saturn's jewels in the crown with the GBA conversion effortlessly throwing giant sprites around like Big Daddy and Treasure's...

Cotton Reboot (Limited Edition) (Stickers) (New)  - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Cotton Reboot (Limited Edition) (Stickers) (New)


Shoot Em Up - £79.99

Gaming veterans Beep reveal their retro tattoos and it's a young witch on a broomstick. The incredibly successful shooter gets an updated X68000 version plu...

Shubibinman Zero (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Shubibinman Zero (New)

Super Famicom

Platform - £37.99

Just like buses, another delightful looking Super Famicom game comes along and gamers of a certain vintage feel their fingertips feeling a lot less arthriti...

Kinnikuman II (New)  - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Kinnikuman II (New)

Game Cube

Sports - £34.99

Subtitled 'New Generation Vs Legends.' Kinikuman is an alien prince whose escapades are detailed in the Shonen Jump manga. This is a whacked out wrestling g...

Viewtiful Joe Battle Carnival (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Viewtiful Joe Battle Carnival (New)

Game Cube

Side Scrolling Beat Em Up - £34.99

Drawing on retro super heroes clad in Lycra and the great tradition of transforming into the ultimate hero found in Japan come Viewtiful Joe. The cel shaded...

Mickey Mouse Legend of Illusion (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Mickey Mouse Legend of Illusion (New)

Game Gear

Platform - £74.99

A superb example of platforming with animation so fluid it feels like your playing it on a Nomad and imaginative bosses that make the experience a delight f...

Rolling Gunner & Over Power (New)  - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Rolling Gunner & Over Power (New)


Shoot Em Up - £47.99

Genki's bugbear with Rolling Gunner is the difficulty in taking in the stunning, stainless steel mega bosses and seamlessly scrolling backgrounds in this su...

Shooting Love Ten Year Xiizeal & Deltazeal Limited Edition (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Shooting Love Ten Year Xiizeal & Deltazeal Limited Edition (New)

XBox 360

Shoot Em Up - £99.99

Triangle Service blazes its return on the 360 which has become the spiritual successor to the Dreamcast in holding the shoot em up torch aloft and lighting ...

Contra Rogue Corps (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Contra Rogue Corps (New)


Action - £19.99

A real blitz of run and gun action as the lady assistant talks players through tricky scenarios in the gritty environment. Shoot first, look for switches la...

Milestone Shooting Collection 2 (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Milestone Shooting Collection 2 (New)


Shoot Em Up - £69.99

Sublime shmup compilation with Radirgy, Radirgy Noa, Illvelo, Karasu and Chaos Field crammed onto the disk. Milestone once again show off their penchant for...

JJ (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

JJ (New)


Action - £69.99

Charge into the screen Space Harrier style, but this is a platform style escapade and the player must avoid gates and space critters on the planets surface....

Verytex (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Verytex (New)

Mega Drive

Shoot Em Up - £159.99

Famous for its stirring musical score from the genius of both Hitoshi Sakimoto and Masaharu Iwata bringing you the energy to fight on against incoming waves...

Darius Cozmic Revelation (Special Edition) (New) - Recommended Game
-Recommended Game-

Darius Cozmic Revelation (Special Edition) (New)


Shoot Em Up - £179.99

Based on G Darius and Darius Burst, Taito takes its famed 2D shooter past the kicking and screaming fans and into the third dimension. The hardware is more ...

Game Gear Micro Pins & Collection Box (New) - Hardware Of The Week
-Hardware Of The Week-

Game Gear Micro Pins & Collection Box (New)

Sega Hardware

Handheld - £239.99

The Ultimate Game Gear Micro set coming with all four models released in a beautiful collectors box and a delightful set of sixteen pin badges. The four col...

Out Of Stock

Cyber Gadget Retro Freak (Controller Adapter Set) (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Cyber Gadget Retro Freak (Controller Adapter Set) (New)

Miscellaneous Hardware

Console - £219.99

Goodness gracious. A console that can play Famicom, Super Famicom, SNES (both PAL and NTSC), GameBoy, GameBoy Color, GameBoy Advance, Genesis, Mega Drive (P...

Biohazard 3D 3DS Pouch (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Biohazard 3D 3DS Pouch (New)

Nintendo Hardware

Accessory - £15.99

Described as semi hard, this pouch has a front and back design in the Biohazard style and looks very sleek in black. ...

Game Gear Micro (Blue) (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Game Gear Micro (Blue) (New)

Sega Hardware

Handheld - £67.99

Shrunk down playable Game Gear to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. This Blue version has four titles built in: Sonic & Tails, Gunstar Heroes, Sylvan Tak...

Hori Game Repeater (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Hori Game Repeater (New)

Nintendo Hardware

Accessory - £59.99

Genki has issues resisting such curios: the Repeater will record button presses so you can replicate the level played over again. Possibly not quite as mind...

Playstation Compact Analogue Stick (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Playstation Compact Analogue Stick (New)

Sony Hardware

Controller - £89.99

A very snazzy stick with all of Horis solid production values designed to be used on 3D Mecha games and flight sim titles. Can be switched between analogue ...

Hyper Steering V (New)  - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Hyper Steering V (New)

Sony Hardware

Controller - £79.99

A supreme wheel that has the feel of a high-end piece of engineering usually seen in top automobiles. Brings an extra dimension to race games, especially wh...

Sega Saturn Densha De Go Controller (New) - Recommended Hardware
-Recommended Hardware-

Sega Saturn Densha De Go Controller (New)

Sega Hardware

Controller - £59.99

The height of kitsch which every self respecting otaku shouldn't be without. Even comes with a stop watch rest. Infinitely adds to the realism when playing ...

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